In March 1958 the “German Canadian Club Hansa” is officially registered and Letter Patent and charter are issued.  Get togethers and meetings are held in the home of Gerhard and Martha Neudoerffer.

The Ladies Auxiliary kick off the planing of parties and events, such as Easter Egg Hunts and Christmas parties, and form the backbone of the club.  Additionally, they prepare food for the dances held at the Junior Farmer’s market and frequently involve themselves in diverse efforts to assist hospitals and children’s organizations in the community.

The Hansa Bowler’s team is organized in September.


On August 26th, Gerhard Neudoerffer, Helmus Reichel, Robert Freir, Ottmar Kupferschmidt and Erika Luccas execute the charter of the “German Canadian Club Hansa” as equal shareholders.


In the spring, eighteen acres of land is purchased at 6650 Hurontario Street.  That fall, a further 3/4 of an acre, which is now the old club house, is also acquired.

Debentures are sold to the membership with an annual interest rate of 6% which could not be cashed for a minimum of 5 years.  Debentures could be earned by working at one of the club dances.  Average earnings for a bartender are $7.50 and ticket sellers, $5.00.  Instead of cash, credits are issues, and for every $100.00, a debenture was issued.

The Hansa club begin a tradition of supporting and participating in the “Annual Brampton Flower Festive”, as well as sponsoring local children’s baseball and hockey teams in the community.


A permit is issued to demolish the barn, which is part of the initial purchase of the land.


The first “Hansa Post” is published.

The Hansa Haus has 64 registered members.

The Ladies Auxiliary, now 18 members strong, continues to contribute both culturally and financially to their community and club.  They hold frequent rummage and bake sales in addition to contributions from their catering profits.  They still find time to support the children at the local hospital, baseball and hockey teams, hold Christmas tree parties and even manage to install wall to wall drapes, supply dishes and cutlery for the kitchen.

Hansa club member, Fred Kline, runs for Mayor of Brampton.


The first official Hansa soccer club is founded in July by Mr. Ernst Hammans.


The Hansa Post features a personally addressed letter and photograph from Canadian Prime Minister “Lester B. Pearson” to the members of the Hansa Club.

The Hansa Soccer Club joins the Toronto District Soccer League.

The Erste Karneval Gesellschart Hansa (First Mardo Gras Society Hansa) is formed and the first danc eis held at the Junior Farmers Hall in Brampton.

The Hansa Post features the emblem of “Member, Brampton Chamber of Commerce” on its cover.


The K.G. Hansa puts forth the Karneval Prince and Princess for the year’s Mardi Gras season.  Mr. and Mrs. Everest Biggs did the honours.


The Bank of Montreal denies the application of a mortgage to the club for the construction of the new hall.  With the debenture initative falling short, the remaining collateral required for the mortgage comes from members willing to put up their own property.

The foundation of the new club is laid in the fall of 1971.

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